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We are delighted to present to you an unforgettable series of retreats around the world and all other programs. Each retreat / program has its own theme and is filled with fun.

Explore this site for all the information you may need and do let us know if you have any further questions.

Our team speaks:

English, Spanish, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Polish and German.


 AUGUST 2019

🙏Bali - Go with the flow getaway with Yulia (Bali)

🧘‍♀️Sri Lanka - Yoga & Sufr retreat with Ale 


💪Tenerife - Discover new you fitness reteat with Alan

🦋 Tenerife - Find yourself in Art retreat with Dragana


Tenerife - 3-5-7 days Yoga classes with Anya

Tenerife -  Bioenergy with Kate

Tenerife - Personal fitness  workout with Alan

Tenerife - Art classes ( private or groups) with Dragana

Tenerife - tour guide & exsursions with Lana & Anya & Vladan

Sri Lanka - 3-5-7 or more days special program with Surf, Yoga and meditation with Ale 

🔜 retreat for OCTOBER and NOVEMBER 2019




“ If you never go, you will never know.” 🙏

Lana,Anya,Dragana,Alan,Kate,Yulia,Ale,Bruno and Magda