Yoga travel for life

Relax. Breathe.Just be you.

Is there a minimum/maximum age?

Most of our guests are between 25&50 although we welcome anyone over the age of 20 on a Yoga travel for life retreat. 

Are flights and transfers included in the price?

All prices are exclusive of flights and transfers. It is your responsibility to book your own flights & transfers to/from the retreat, but Yoga travel for life team can help you to find a flights ticket.

Travel Insurance?

Yoga travel for life are not in the business of providing travel insurance. It is entirely your responsibility to ensure you have sufficient insurance to cover any and all aspects of the trip including (but not limited to) getting to and from your retreat, and any Activities that you may participate in on a retreat. 

How do I book flights?

Who you book/fly with is entirely up to you. As far as a booking service goes, we can recommend using as a booking platform - they are very competitive with pricing.

Yoga travel for life team can help you finding a flight tickets.

I'm travelling solo. Can I still come?

Of course!!! Travelling alone is surely the best way to meet new people?! We promise you’ll feel part of our retreat family in no time, and you’ll leave with friends for life.

What is the food like?

Yummy and healty....

We’re all about a wholesome, balanced approach to food so expect tables full of fresh, nutritious meals that we’ll enjoy together! Our Chefs like to use fresh, local produce, and where possible, give you a taste of the local cuisine. We’re very happy to cater for vegetarians and vegans + we’ll aim to cater for any specific dietary requirements. Make sure we’re clued up before your trip!

Will I get any ‘free' time?

Absolutely! We will always schedule down time in our daily itinerary, for you to chill by the pool, head to the beach or nap in the sunshine. Remember it’s your trip, and you’re very welcome to head off for a day exploring by yourself. If you’d like any recommendations or suggestions, just ask one of the team!  

Is alcohol allowed on the retreat?

We don’t supply alcohol on the retreat (apart from a toast to the first and last night!), but you’re welcome to head to the supermarket and bring back some supplies!

We like to keep the drinking casual and relaxed.

For who are our retreats?

If there is no specific for who is retreat (for exampale ”woman retreat) that everyone is more than welcome to join us.

• family friendly

• supporting gay & lesbian

• we don’t have any issues about colour, nationality, religion

If you have more question, please don’t hesitate to write us an email on: and we will answer you asap.