Yoga travel for life

Relax. Breathe.Just be you.


She comes from Russia.

While doing various sports all her life, she first triedyoga at age of 14.

Many years she combined her activities and yoga as part ofstretching and mobility training.

With time yoga became her passion.

Years later she did her yoga teacher training course in Spain.

Yulia is always positive and goodwill.

She found herself in yoga, calmed her thoughts and met her body. She believes that yoga doesn’t only give strength and energy, but that yoga is a never ending process and has no boundaries.

Yoga is suitable for anyone, regardless your age, sex, sport condition and experience.

Yoga is not a competition and it does not matter who does asana better. Each one should do the best they can while listening to their body.

When you step on the mat, it is important to focus on your breathing, to let go of fears, and trust the process.

By practicing yoga, you regain self-confidence, while enjoying movement and relaxation.

It’s the moment to reunite with yourself.