Yoga travel for life

Relax. Breathe.Just be you.

Lana was “the right-hand” of the director in an international company, where she traveled a lot and discovered different cultures, towns and people.

She lived for the job until she was burned out and decided to take a vacation after non -stop working and travel to India.

During the journey and exploration of India, she discovered a spiritual world, meditation and Yoga.

After arriving home she found that she would have to change her entire life,and she did return to India again and again.

She left her job and material safety... and try to find who she really is.

She had to overcome her own insecurities about following her passion and dreams and starting from zero all by herself....

What she learned along the way is to trust her own judgment and always believe that everything is possible!

Today she believes in her team,and that they are together building a place where they can show people how to enjoy and value life.


“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.”

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