Yoga travel for life

Relax. Breathe.Just be you.


Ale ~ Photographer/ Surfer/ Adventurer & Entrepreneur

Originally born in Mexico, I was always curious about traveling, cultures and different languages.

As soon as I could, I started to travel on my own at a very early age. I wasn’t afraid to travel alone and I went to California.

Later on, I lived in France to learn French, and then Barcelona to study a master degree.

My life took a big change the moment I discovered surf! Long story short, after that, the typical life in an office didn’t have sense anymore.

I started an amazing journey getting to know myself through a lot of experiences, new ventures, uncertainty and months spent in remote surf destinations.

I discovered yoga, mindfulness, meditation and I fell in love with simple, healthy food. It’s been a few years I changed my diet and I’m amazed everyday on how esential food is for our beings, thoughts, feelings, performance.

Is really true when they say “Your body is your temple”, hey?!. At the same time, I decided to pursue my dream of being independent and work more closely with my passions for Travel, Photography and Surf.

Yours, Ale
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