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Relax. Breathe.Just be you.

8 days ”Find yourself” Art retreat, Tenerife


In our Art Relax and create Retreat we use art therapy to help our participants express on canvas,paper or wood whit colours ..pens...and pastels.. and deal with stresses of everyday life, explore thoughts and difficult or undesirable emotions which unexpressed could lead to trauma, blocks or anxieties.

In these retreat we look at art therapy not only as a powerful healing approach but also as a preventive therapy helping wellbeing longivety , self discovery and personal growth.

Once and again we, as art therapists and mindfulness teachers , observe how calm and focus creative art makes people and heps them connect with what truly matters in life. ​

Our retreats are unique in wellness and introspection ,travel and with every new group we meet new fans of our way of arting.

Friends for life and people who find positive change through these little escapes. 💛💛💛